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Eagle Home Renovation is dedicated to bringing the highest quality service to the roofing industry, from commercial to residential roofing systems.

We Are a Local Residential Roofing Company in Traverse City!

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Born and raised in Traverse City, I love the outdoors and the adventures that Northern Michigan provides, there is no place quite like it. There is no place 
that I would have wanted to raise my kids and now I get to introduce my grandkids to hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and exploring God's County.

I first became a licensed Realtor in 1990 and started in the home improvement industry in the late 90's. Over the last 32 years, I gained experience, knowledge and problem solving skills that I get to use every day at Eagle Home Renovation. It is no longer about building a career or a company, it is about helping people that have been my neighbors all my life. There is such satisfaction walking into a home with my first thought being, how can I help and then putting a plan together to make it happen.*Eagle%20home%20autsin*jpg?alt=media&token=c9056d62-8781-4e51-a046-8f41082fe5c5

Austin Bazen 

P.S. We do not endorse a single product, which means we are not bound to selling any specific product. 
Our goal is to provide to solution you need, not the one that is most profitable. 
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